CONCIERGE SERVICE DENMARK DK EN / Call 24/7 (+45) 52 759 701 Scandinavian Concierge attends to any wishes or needs you may have while situated in Denmark. Whatever, Whenever, Wherever. We provide any requested service or product as quickly as the circumstances permits, to any location preferred by our client.

No matter the size, value or location, you can expect the highest standard of international Concierge Service in the world.

We take great pride in saving our clients for unnecessary use of time and resources. Nothing is too small or too big.

Contact us today and give us your challenge.
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Real Estate LEASE
We make the impossible, possible. We create access to the most exclusive and sought after properties. Whatever your needs may be towards leasing a property, we furnish everything from beginning to end.

No matter if you are looking for long term or short term lease, we’ll find the right property. We have access to a number of fantastic properties, that are not listed in the open leasing market. Anything from houses, apartments and office buildings.
Scandinavian Concierge has extensive experience and insight in the real estate market in Denmark. We work closely with the largest and most notable real estate agents throughout Denmark, in order o find the right properties, in the right location, at the right price.

We scour the market to find exactly the right property that meets the wishes and needs of our clients. We arrange private showings, facilitate any third party property inspection, making the general purchase process as easy and smooth for you as possible.
Hotels Scandinavian Concierge is closely connected to the hotel industry, and has extensive knowledge of all luxury hotels and suites in Denmark. We ensure that our clients get just the right suite, at the right hotel based on the clients preferences regarding, location, style, decor and service.

We offer the best prices and guarantee that our clients receive the finest service the hotel industry has to offer.

If you have specific requests towards changes and additions made to the individual suites, we will respond and deliver in any aspect.
Transportation Air ▸ Ground ▸ Sea ▸ Transportation Air ▸ Ground ▸ Sea ▸ Air Transportation We facilitate a wide variety of airborne transport options. We deliver everything from small beautiful Lear Jets, large private charters and helicopters, to first class airline tickets and business class, as well as airport VIP solutions.

Our experience is wide ranging. We have previously provided some of the most exclusive Lear Jets to business leaders and superstars, as well as budget-friendly charters for smaller businesses on the go.

We offer solely the best and most experienced pilots and we work exclusively with planes from the most reputable providers. Safety is always our first priority, no matter how tight a deadline we work under.
We deliver the best and most personal tailored limousine service on the market. Our drivers are highly educated, with many years of experience, in driving many types of clients from business leaders to superstars.

The limousine service can take place in exactly the vehicle preferred by our client. Amazing SUV's with plenty of space, large Vans, classic luxury sedans or large nightliners. We deliver it all, hour by hour, day by day. We make sure to provide the right solution for any occasion.
Whether you are looking for short or long term lease, we deliver everything from the most exclusive sports cars to the most sought after luxury vehicles. Maybach, Ferrari, Bugatti, etc. In most cases we can deliver even very rare cars as well as bulletproof vehicles.

We make sure to deliver the desired vehicle, fueled and ready, at any location our client prefers. Inform us of your wishes and we will go out of our way to accommodate.
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Sea Transportation CRUISE
We find and book the most sought after cruises for our clients. We provide the best cabins, VIP service during the stay, extended concierge service at any port, as well as special requests for food and beverages. The only thing we ask of our clients is to do nothing but concentrate on enjoying their stay.
Scandinavian Concierge has a large network within the maritime world. We have access to a wide range of luxury Yachts. Whether in regards to purchase, short term or long term leases.

We deliver Yachts both with and without crew, in the event that our clients wish to bring staff of its own. We facilitate lease and purchase of anything from smaller Yachts to some of Europe's
largest and most luxurious.
Corporations We assist companies and corporations in almost any possible aspect. We handle everything from headhunting specific staff members to facilitating a selection of the best and most relevant providers of any service in any industry.

No matter the nature of practical challenge a company is facing, we are ready with qualified assistance, to ease the situation.

We have previously assisted foreign companies to establish themselves in Denmark, solving a wide variety of tasks based on our network, experience and knowledge of the Danish market.
Sightseeings See the kingdom of Denmark in a way that is only for the few. We arrange the most exclusive Sightseeings on the market and take our clients on an unforgettable trip around any given city in the country.

We offer everything from the most famous attractions to the hidden reasures. Experience museums, theme parks and historica buildings after hours. Let us create your setup of private guided tours with experts telling exciting stories. We’ll be happy to provide translators of any language to accompany.

We can propose a variety of exciting opportunities at any given time. We will strive to comply with any specific wishes and ideas a client may have.
Scandinavian Concierge has a large network within the most fashionable and exclusive stores in Denmark. We ensure that our clients can visit almost any store, while closed to the public.

We can arrange for visits outside opening hours at any time of the day and at short notice. We also arrange for a desired store to present a wide range of products at any location that suits our client.
We are your personal shopper. We buy, collect and deliver any item you may wish at short notice. We deliver to any location of our client’s choice. Jewelry, wine, art, you name it.

Nothing is too large or too small. The number of goods, as well as the dealer's location is not important. We deliver everything, at any time, day and night, all year round.
Dining We book the best tables at the best and most exclusive estaurants. We have extensive knowledge of the gastronomic map in Denmark and provide the ultimate experience and the best service.

In addition to exclusive restaurant visits, we can arrange for some of the most well-known chefs to create special made menus delivered to any location, to cook directly in the clients own kitchen or towards company events, board meeting, celebrations etc.
Events We provide access to any event in Denmark, sold out or not.
Concerts, festivals, football matches, boxing matches, theaters, exhibitions, etc.

We facilitate opportunities that are not available to the general
public. We provide access to any event and ensure that our client
bypasses the queue, while being escorted to VIP lounges and the
best seats available.

We always accommodate special requests of any nature. Whatever
your wishes may be, we go out of our way to make it happen.
Our philosophy is that there is nothing that can’t be done.
Meet & Greet In most cases, we can facilitate any meet & greet. Everything from
specific business executives, to actors, sport stars and musicians,
typically in relation to current events such as concerts, sporting
events and conferences.

Our strong network in both entertainment and business industries
enables us to offer this service.

We also facilitate high end appearances, private parties, etc.
Contact us with any inquiry and we will do our best to comply.
Nightlife We facilitate your evening in town. We provide access to the best
clubs and bars in Denmark, book the best tables and guarantee
the best service without any limitations. Bypass any queue, receive
service at the table, request the music of your liking etc.

We arrange everything related to a complete evening out in the city.
Any preference a client may have is taken into account. We strive
for excellence and makes sure that nothing is left to chances.
Celebrations We handle everything in reference to your celebration or event
of any kind. Whatever a client’s wishes may be, we find the right
location, arrange for exclusive entertainment, in the matter of music,
food, drinks etc.

We have extensive experience in arranging events and guarantee
full satisfaction in any scenario. We deliver everything from the
spectacular, to the casual. No event is too small or too large.
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Security We provide security solutions for any occasion. We ensure the best and the most experienced personel to suit the client's situation and wishes. We facilitate personal safety, event and corporation security. We deliver from day to day, 24 hours a day, all week, all year round.

We also provide for the facilitation of CET surveillance, as well as private and business detectives for any task.

We guarantee the highest quality of security solutions in Denmark.
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Medical We provide access to medical care and medicine around the clock. Wherever our clients are situated, we bring a doctor straight to the door. Whatever the need for general medicine, prescription medicin or specialist physicians may be, we guarantee the fastest and most effective treatment available on the market.

We deliver all types of medicine to any location convenient for our client and at all times, day and night.

As with any other requests received, all medical related inquiries are handled in deep confidentiality.
Private Education We facilitate any kind of private education, with any teacher our client's wishes, to the extension that it is possible. We provide access to everything from some of the world's most recognized classical musicians, session musicians and athletes, to internationally recognized professors, business leaders and writers.

We will always do our best to comply with any desire towards Private Education. Let us know of your wishes and ideas, we’ll do our best to accommodate.
Our prices will be assessed from case to case. In most scenarios, a percentage is assigned to the actual cost of the assignment, which may vary from 1% to 15% depending on the amount of the purchase. In other cases a fixed price is agreed. In every aspect, we put a lot of pride in delivering a service or an item, at the lowest cost possible. Due to a strong network, our clients often save money by shopping through us, than by retail.

We strive to accept most forms of payment and currencies. Everything from credit cards, paypal and bitcoins, to wire transfers, mobile pay and cash in any form, crowns, rubies, yen, dollars, pounds etc.
Scandinavian Concierge is the most effective Concierge service in Denmark. Our clients cover everything from the biggest international musicians and athletes to business leaders, politicians and media personalities. The company is based on a strong international network and a great understanding of service.

Our business is based on trust. Any inquiries and assignments are always dealt with in full confidentiality, and never shared with any third party, private or state. We never discuss requests or cases, nor past or current clients.
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